Grape Jelly

Freezer PBJ Sandwiches:

This has proven to be a great freezer trick: This has saved so much time in getting reading for work. I would call it bulk cooking, but it isn’t really bulk cooking so to speak, more like bulk lunch prep to save time… whatever.

A little explanation… I came across this AWESOME blog post at cleaver dudewhere he bulk makes PBJ sammies and freezes them. I never thought of this, I would have thought the bread would have gone nasty in the process. NO… they turn out GREAT. So you can make a months worth of PBJ sammies (cheap, like 30 cents a piece even using a name brand bread) and grab them on the go to work with no prep time every morning. How sweet is that.

Anyway, here is my crack at it, turned out great. No lie.. I am eating one as I type this.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The pics speak for themselves… not exactly rocket science here… I don’t feel the need explain in detail what’s going on here… shouldn’t be too much of a surprise were this post is heading.

This is my only tip… instead of spooning the jelly on, I dumped the whole jar into a ziploc and cut off the corner and used it as a piping baggie, worked awesome. I dunno if that’s the engineer in me or just being lazy… but it worked.

Pack them in ziplocs, freeze and go ! They thaw in like 15 minutes too and much to my surprise are not at all soggy and are just as good as they were going into the freezer.