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I love to save money, but I also love the convenience of coming home after a long day at work and popping dinner in the microwave so that we can have a great home cooked meal in a matter of minutes. Cooking in bulk and freezing allows us to achieve both.

We buy meats and food in bulk when it is on sale, so we save money. It does take a bunch of work for a couple hours to cook everything up, but once it’s done that’s it. I read a lot about once a month cooking (some call it OAMC) but I found that just cooking all our meals once a month took too much organization. Instead, I bulk cook on a weekend after I buy meats and side items on sale.

Thus I call it bulk freezer cooking. I cook in bulk for the purpose of freezing. This way everything is cooked and ready to go, in meal size portions ready for heating. Typically 10 minutes or less and dinner is served. The best part is, you know exactly what is in it… no weird fillers or unpronounceable additives, just simple ingredients like meat, vegetables and simple sauces. Plus you can tailor it to your needs. I myself have high blood pressure and need to watch my sodium intake, so I put no salt in anything and use no salt seasonings. Anything goes.

This website is dedicated to sharing my recipes, experiences and issues. I hope you enjoy the website, please have a look around and see what ideas you can use for yourself.

If you have any ideas yourself or questions, please feel free to email me using our contact form.

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